Knights of Pen and Paper

One of the things I love most about my iPhone is the ridiculous number of apps and games available. Many devs are now following the “Freemium” route – Clash of Clans being a good example (with EA’s Dungeon Keeper as a poor example). Basically, the idea is that the game is free, but you’re essentially playing the waiting game for stuff to finish. If you want to progress quickly / at all in EA’s case, you need to purchase gems for a hefty price.

While I personally don’t mind this model (hey, the game was free after all), it’s nice to come across a decent game that you pay for up front. KoPP is one of those.


KoPP title screen

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Silent for a year…

I haven’t updated this blog in 13 months. Over a year!

Quite a lot has happened in the past year, but unfortunately one of those things was losing motivation to write. Hopefully posting this will change that.

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Follow Axfried on Rift!

So again, it looks like I’ve decided to invest some time (and money) in Rift – you can follow the action via my twitter feed, click the follow button on the right or go here!

I’ll be tweeting my exploits as well as some pictures. Once I get the YouTube client to stop logging me out, there may also be videos on my channel.

For those that play, I’m on the Icewatch shard, Defiant faction, username…. well guess ;)


Guardians of Middle Earth

Before I write my review, I want to point out a few things. First of all, I hate MOBA games, for the simple reason that I suck at them. Second, I just installed a MOBA on my lovely new PS3.

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Adventures of Axfried

Over the last few months, I’ve kind of hit a writer’s block. I have no idea what to write about any more, and when I get a new game; I go off it so fast, it’s not even worth writing a review.

So I thought about the main reason why I’m not writing, and came to the conclusion that it’s because I’m hooked on WoW again, so why not write about that?

This is the story of Axfried, on his journey to level 90.

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Yet another console…

So, yet again I’ve been absent from my blog, but this time it’s not because of World of Warcraft. On the same day I was due to leave to go to Egypt on holiday (which, by the way, was awesome!), I came home with a PS3.

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Payday: The Heist

Part 1

The Mission: Get the bank manager’s vault access card, get into the vault, steal the money, get out. Sounds simple.


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